Xeer (blood money)

Blood Money prices of social order. Lashings, physical discipline, and payment of lives are the major forms of penance. 

  • <meta />If a Master disciplines or strikes his own slave,

    • No Penalty
  • <meta />Must never harm or discipline another masters’ slave. “A slave is mine alone!”

    • <meta />1 Finger for every offense.
    • 20 lashings there after.
  • <meta />Stole property of another master even through the hands of a slave. “You steal from my slave you steal from me!”

    • <meta />12 Lashings per piece of property.
  • <meta />If a serious wound is inflicted on another without the contract of a duel,

    • <meta />you must pay a single slave.
  • <meta />If a Master is slain, his slaves are given to the Master above him.

    • <meta />Transgressor must pay the number of slaves equal to half of the deceased stock.
    • <meta />If the transgressor cannot pay, he must submit to the new Master.
  • <meta />If a Master is slain in his own house or on his own property, his slaves are given to the Master above him.

    • <meta />Transgressor must pay all of his slaves..
    • <meta />If the transgressor has no slaves, he is reduced in caste to a lower slave.
  • <meta />If a guest of a house is slain or maimed,

    • <meta />Then servitude to wounded. All slaves be turned over to wounded.
  • <meta />If an animal of any kind that was to be used in official rites is harmed or killed,

    • <meta />Must sacrifice finest slave to Ompalam to repent.
  • <meta />NO Penalty for the death of a Jokatu. “The Traitor is a threat to yours!”
  • <meta />NO Penalty for the discipline of a Selarn. “A Thief cannot be rewarded”
  • <meta />No outright penalty for the deception of the prices of slaves or property “A misguided sale is smart as long as you are on top!”

    • <meta />If a Tentacule (the High Slavery God) confirms the misdeed, then you must pay more than originally offered.
  • Bribery is not legal, but you must be willing to continue the deed if anyone finds out.


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