Hidayat Mazraea

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This mazraea (farm) is owned by Hidayat "Softarm" ibn Fadlan. Hidayat's mazraea main income trade is pig livestock, olives, wheat, and rice. The farm has a full stables for the pigs, different fields for the olives/wheat/rice, mill, and brewery. Hidayat is from a tsanyano (“Renewed”) family living in Koro Salofar. The Renewed are liberal in their attitudes, allowing slaves to marry, buy their freedom (rarely), and enjoy limited religious choice. Hidayat got his last name Softarm because he always applies the most lenient punishments to his property.

He has many merchants, artisans, farmers, and slaves.

People of the Farm

Hidayat "Softarm" ibn Fadlan married to Faiza bint Dana and child, Lamis bint Faiza.

Botros Mill Master

Esmail Field Master

Ghassan Stable Master


Professions at the Farm

Welcome} Merchant, Farmer, Herder, Hunter, Soldier, Crafter, Healer

Hirable} Abwaan (Poet), Entertainer

Hidden} Thief

Hidayat Mazraea

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