Fonritian Pantheon

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Major Gods (Slave Master)

<meta />Ompalam: god of slavery and coercion. “Life is Slavery” is the public secret of his cult. It is a state cult where everyone is a slave to someone, including the ruler, who is the slave of Ompalam.

<meta />Garangordos: bringer of Civilization, conqueror of Fonrit, and guardian of the temples of Ompalam.

<meta />Abdamedric: Man of Two Swords, war god.

<meta />Bendaluza: Lord of the Phallus and city maker.

<meta />Darleester the Noose: state god of Afadjann and a weapon used by Garangordos to enslave or kill the blue-skins.

<meta />El Jazuli: Sister Witch, who dominates the powers of the land.

<meta />Ernamola: the goddess of millet.

<meta />Gark: God of eternal peace, eternal life, and undead.

<meta />Hungry Goddess: Ancient goddess of Fonrit, worshiped by the blue-skins.

<meta />Ikadz: god of purification, patron of torturers and several city-states, he cuts and burns the evil out of people so that they follow the ways of Ompalam.

<meta />Seseine: goddess of seduction and lust.


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Tondiji: God of the city of Tondiji, and master of all within his walls – even other gods. Worship only in Tondiji.

Minor Gods (Slaves/lower class)

<meta />Artmal the Slave

<meta />Baraku the Storm God

<meta />Jokotu the Traitor and Murderer

<meta />The Invisible God

<meta />Malubadou the Beholder

<meta />Mandakusour the Spirit Binder

<meta />Pamalt the Earth King

<meta />Selarn the Thief

<meta />Serartamal the Blue Moon

<meta />Tadarida the Dead Goddess

<meta />Tentacule the High Slavery God

<meta />The Two Brothers of War (<meta />Orjethulut and <meta />Hanjethulut)

<meta />Varama the Sun God

<meta />Ennug the Digger

<meta />Ankimdu the Farmer

<meta />Burayha Xolagi (the Good Doctor)

<meta />Karkisso the Seer

<meta />Calari the Hunter

<meta />Evukindu the Heron

<meta />Fida’ls the Sunbird

 Subsidiary gods (the Seventeen Ward Brothers and Sisters of Garangordos)

Fonritian Pantheon

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