Fonrit Social Classes


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Social Castes

Masarin (free nobles) who own vast numbers of slaves but are not owned by other individuals (but can be owned by gods). [5% of the population]

Soldaat (Warrior slave) slave soldiers who form an entrenched military caste [5% of the population]

Yad (semi-free) slaves who own other slaves. largely deprived of political and military rights [20% of the population]

Kaddam the lowest rank of slaves. They are chattel slaves without any legal rights. Most pure blue-skins belong to the kaddam class.


The Population can also be broken up into this:

Masarin ~ 5% of the population are free upper class

Soldaat ~ 5% are slave or mercenary soldiers supported by the rulers

Yad ~ 10% are half-free, half-slave artisans and merchants

Yad ~ 10% petty landholders

Kaddam ~ 70% are slaves

Fonrit Social Classes

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